Use of mobile data in Colombia grew 4% in one day due to the song by Shakira and Bizarrap

The Colombian song caused mobile traffic in the country to increase by 4%. (PIROSCHKA VAN DE WOUW/)

The impact they generated is very strong. Shakira Y bizarre with his song. In Colombia the video Sessions #53 generated an increase in mobile traffic, as announced by you.

“Mobile data has positioned itself as the best way for artists to reach the entire world in a matter of seconds. What we experience with Shakira’s new video can mark a milestone for Colombians’ online entertainment,” he said. Marcelo Cataldopresident of the telecommunications company.

The reach of the video post led to a 4% increase in traffic across the company’s network during the night of Wednesday, January 11, when the video was uploaded to Youtube.

Between 7:00 pm and 10:30 pm the greatest growth in consumption was recorded. According to the company’s calculations, traffic was close to 130,000 Gigabytes, which represents more than 185,000 hours of high-definition video.

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Although this increase was not only because people searched for the video and saw it, but also because of the impact it had on other platforms due to the dissolution on the lyrics of the song, the quality and the references to Gerard Piqué. Generating a high consumption of applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

In these networks, the content was shared, discussion was generated and other related videos were created, which complemented the expectations of the people for the song, since before its publication users were waiting to know the lyrics that spoke of the break between the singer Colombian and the former Spanish player.

Shakira inspired Sunat to send a reminder to users.
The Colombian song caused mobile traffic in the country to increase by 4%.

The impact of Shakira and Bizarrap on social networks

Sessions #53 will be remembered as one of the most important musical and viral events of 2023, for several reasons. Initially, because on music platforms it caught the attention of millions of users.

In Youtube broke the record for the most views in the first 24 hours of publication for a video in Spanish. In this time it achieved more than 60 million views, leaving behind Slowlywhich in 2017 had achieved 33 million.

On the other hand, in Spotify it was positioned as the most listened to song worldwide, leading the global Top 50 with more than 14 million views. “This goes to all the women who taught me that when life throws you bitter lemons, there is no other choice but to make lemonade,” she published. Shakira in Twitter for this achievement.

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The Sessions with Bizarrap is marking the topic of conversation in various social networks.
The Sessions with Bizarrap is marking the topic of conversation in various social networks.

Already on social networks it was a topic of conversation due to the lyrics of the song. In Twitter dominated the most talked about topics in Spain and Colombia with trends such as: RIP Piqué, Carla Chía, Rolex, Treasury and Antonio de La Rúa. Even though Shakira It was a global trend exceeding 2.01 million tweets.

In Google throughout Thursday, January 12, it was among the most sought-after songs, and many people were consulting news about the song, the accusation of copying another song by the Venezuelan Briella and wanting to know who Carla Chía is, the current partner of the Spaniard.

Meanwhile in TikTok the audio from Sessions #53 was used in more than 21 thousand videos, #Shakira accumulated 17.5 billion views and #Bbizarrap 3.6 billion.

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