Vadhir’s mother reacts to the rumor of beating Eugenio Derbez and only leaves more doubts

Although Eugenio Derbez He already explained out loud that he fractured his shoulder for playing with a virtual reality viewer, another version emerged that accuses Vadhir of having hit his father and causing him injuries.

José Eduardo Derbez has already dismissed such a version, telling Mara Patricia Castañeda that the matter “doesn’t go that way”, but another aspect of the issue arose in the midst of the silence of the Derbez Dynasty.

Is about Silvana Prince, the mother of Vadhir Derbez, with whom the journalist had contact Poncho Martinez. Through his YouTube channel, he said that he has a good relationship with the lady and wrote to her on Instagram about the rumor involving her son.

“I sent him the following message: ‘Hello, good morning, there is the version that Eugenio’s problem was because he quarreled with Vadhir, do you want me to deny the information or say something about it? You know I am trustworthy and I would never say anything that could hurt them.

The contributor to the program ‘From history to history’ added: “She sees the message and doesn’t reply at all, when the easiest thing would have been to say ‘you know what, or it never happened, or anything else’. Silences also speakand it is not that this confirms the version that they discussed, but it is a fact that they continue to keep a lot of secrecy about what happened”.

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Some media took up the subject.

Neither Vadhir and Eugenio have commented on this rumor, and in programs like Telemundo’s Hoy Día, they took up what Poncho Martínez said about Silvana Prince.

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Where did the version of the fight between Vadhir and Eugene come from?

it was the youtuber Alexander Zuniga, who shares information about entertainment in Mexico, who, “from a very good source”, learned that Eugenio’s injuries would have been due to a beating with his son. “Vadhir was present, and they got into a fight and went to blows. Vadhir broke Eugenio’s rib.”

“That is why the information has been hidden from José Eduardo… The source is reliable and that is why I dare to open my mouth and this is real, Eugenio Derbez fought with his son and his son caused all these health problems.”

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