Valentín Elizalde: Which of your wives are now a partner of his cousin and Julión Álvarez

This November 25 marks the 15th anniversary of the murder of the famous singer Valentine Elizalde. The interpreter was only 27 years old when he was shot in a truck while leaving a palenque in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

In that incident in 2006, his manager, Mario Mendoza, and his driver, Raymundo Ballesteros, also lost their lives. Tano Elizalde was only wounded by bullets.

‘El Gallo de Oro’ is still involved in scandal. A few months ago his daughters Valeria and Gabriela sued their paternal grandmother after ensuring that they did not receive part of their father’s inheritance. Valentina, the singer’s youngest daughter, did not support her sisters and wanted to make her debut in the music industry.

But since the death of Valentín, some women have emerged who, even with babies in their arms, have come to say that they were Elizalde’s couple.

Gabriela sabag

She was the only wife of Valentín Elizalde, between 1999 and 2003. Now she has plans to marry Fausto ‘Tano’ Elizalde, her ex’s cousin.

Tano is one of the most controversial characters, as he is accused of being the alleged mastermind of the murder of his cousin. A few months ago, he confirmed his wedding plans with his cousin’s ex-wife.

In an interview for ‘Sale el sol’, the singer also confirmed: “I already gave him the engagement ring in Ciudad, Obregón, Sonora. Soon, in a few months, to get married; you are invited, I am going to send you the invitation to that they attend, with all the pleasure of the world “.

‘Tano’ Elizalde assures that her niece Gaby, the only daughter Gabriela Sabag had with Valentín, supports them … “She supports her mother, it is her adoration and her uncle Tano”.

Nathaly Fernandez

It is said that Valentín Elizalde planned to give her an engagement ring in the New Year of 2007, but Nathaly was faced with the death of her loved one.

Life led her to meet the singer Julión Álvarez at a meal with mutual friends, and their romance began. They have already been married for a decade with daughters, but according to the ‘King of the box office’, he did not know that she was a couple of Valentín Elizalde.

“The misfortune of him passes, then I start working, I start going out because I used to spend it in Mazatlán (Sinaloa), when I start going out, in one of those I meet Nathaly without knowing exactly who he was, what’s more, I I did not know what Valentine’s girlfriend had been called, “Julión Álvarez once said.

Azucena Rincon was another of the women who came to the singer’s funeral. She is the mother of Valentina, the singer’s youngest daughter, who fights for her own place in music and becomes famous on her YouTube channel.

Vianey Duran was recognized by the singer’s mother as the mother of the second daughter of the Golden Rooster, Valeria.