Valeria Lamm: the trans actress who stars in one of the most acclaimed Mexican films of the year

Almost a year after being successfully screened at the prestigious Venice Film Festival, it finally hit the screens ‘The hole in the fence‘, the director’s second film Joaquin del Paso where a disturbing social critique is built to the rhythm of a thriller while following a group of privileged teenagers in a religious camp.

For the film, the casting team divided the search for its protagonists between upper class schools of the mexican capital and a call to which they presented young people with previous acting experience.

One of those summoned by the team was Valeria Lammwho not only debuted as an actress in the film, but also began her transition to the female sex after filming the project.

Here we tell you everything you need to know about it:

Who is Valeria Lamm?

Born October 27, 2004 in Mexico City, Valeria Lamm-Williams She is the first daughter of surgeon Luis Lamm and digital CEO Verónica Williams.

Since I was a child, Valeria expressed a special interest in the performing artsthis led her to enter the Patricia Reyes Spíndola Acting School and participate in school productions of works such as ‘Peter Pan‘, ‘Oliver Twist‘ Y ‘Beauty and the Beast‘.

Valeria Lamm in ‘The Hole in the Fence’

In 2018, he added his first professional credit by lending his voice to the Spanish version of the French film ‘Asterix and Obelix: The Secret of the Magic Potion‘. A year later, in 2019, she was booked to appear on ‘The hole in the fence‘.

There, Valeria plays “Jorge de la Torre“, an abusive teenager whose dangerous behavior is potentiated after being involved in an environment of indoctrination with a tendency towards violence.

This was the transition of Valeria Lamm

Although Valeria declared have always been attracted to feminine thingsit wasn’t until after shooting ‘The Hole in the Fence’ that he decided ‘to be herself before society after several years of having a costume‘.

That was how he began a long road in which he has been accompanied by some members of his family and his friends. At the end of 2020, Valeria was already seen on her social networks happily enjoying her new life and on October 23 of last year she began her hormone treatment.

Despite the support received, the young actress has faced unfortunate experiences like those that hit members of the trans community in Mexico every day. “I was 15 years old and I was beginning my transition when I was violated and discriminated against by the security of a shopping center when I entered the bathroom of the gender that corresponds to me. I lived in fear when I went out alone and with death threats for being myself,” she shared on June 8. March on his Twitter account.

Luckily, the future looks bright for Valeria, especially in her acting career. She knows it, because in some photographs of the premiere of ‘The hole in the fence’ shared on Instagram (and applauded by Mia Rubin Legarreta and her mother, Andrea), the young performer congratulates herself for ‘having made a dream come true’ and announces that The best is yet to come.

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