Vaseline: Why Dermatologists Recommend It So Much

Has a repairing and preventive effect on diaper rash in children

Petrolatum is an odorless, colorless product that appears on cosmetic labels under the name petrolatum or petrolatum jelly. There are many creams that contain petroleum jelly, but dermatologists are very fond of recommending the pure, unscented form. This pure form is on the market under multiple trade names.

It is a derivative of petroleum. In fact, it was discovered in the 19th century by an American chemist who observed how oil rig workers used a petroleum residue on skin burns. Later, this chemist created a factory in New York to refine this product and synthesize pure Vaseline.
Vaseline has an occlusive action, that is, it prevents the skin from becoming dehydrated. It is probably the most hydrating product out there. The only problem is that, being so oily, it shines and can clog the pore, producing pimples. Therefore, it should not be used on the face of people with oily or acne-prone skin.

It is not a very cosmetic product either, as it is greasy and the skin is very shiny after application. Removing these drawbacks, Vaseline is a magnificent product that can help improve our skin. Dermatologists like to recommend pure petroleum jelly in the following 4 situations:
After a deep laser peel or chemical peel, or after treating an injury with liquid nitrogen.

The use of petroleum jelly prevents a scab from forming, promoting faster healing and preventing the area from becoming infected.

Moisturize areas such as the eyelids, lips, nose and nails. Applying a layer of petroleum jelly hydrates the skin of the eyelids and nails, especially if applied with the skin still damp.

It has a restorative and preventive effect on diaper rash in children. Applied on the skin of the diaper area, it is an excellent product to prevent eczema.

Prevents chafing. Applying petroleum jelly to contact areas of the shoe or clothing, such as the nipples or thighs, prevents the appearance of annoying erosions and abrasions.

Therefore, Vaseline is a cheap, effective and safe product. Dermatologists recommend it to hydrate areas such as nails, lips and eyelids, prevent chafing and help wound healing and after aesthetic techniques with laser or cryotherapy. It is colorless and odorless and, in addition, it does not cause allergies. So, always have a tube of Vaseline close by, since you will be using it more often than you think.