‘Vecinos’ restarted recordings, already without Octavio Ocaña as the unforgettable ‘Benito Rivers’

Life goes on, almost a month after the tragic death of Octavio Ocaña, his fellow ‘Vecinos’ returned to the recording forums, where their absence will undoubtedly be felt.

Eduardo España shared the first images of his call on Televisa, where the production already records seasons 12 and 13 of the successful series.

In social networks, the first photos of the famous ‘Neighbors’ sets have already begun to circulate, whose cast has remained almost intact, if it were not for the deaths of some of them.

Pablo Valentín confirmed to ‘Sale el sol’ that the entire cast is moved and eager to honor Octavio Ocaña: “We are very nostalgic, we are at the same time eager to pay eternal tributes to our beloved Tavito, as well as to our Polo Ortín “.

“Yes it is strange, they are things that one does not imagine, but we are very happy that that image of my Tavito will always remain as Benito, our light, our beloved child and we will always remember him that way,” said the actor.

On the complicated situation, he mentioned: “” For my part, the only thing I want and feel is the need to speak of my loved ones with pure love. We know that there are many problems right now, different versions and etc. But, we want to honor his image, the one he left us, the one we share with him in Neighbors. I think that’s going to be the ones that will really transcend forever. That’s where # SiempreserásnuestroBenito came out, as is “.