Veganism and healthy life, the secret that changed the life of Natalia Oreiro

Veronica Guerman / Infobae

Natalia Oreiro became a benchmark for healthy living. Since she became a vegetarian more than 15 years ago, she not only changed her diet but also began to promote healthy habits in others.

Due to her connection with nature, she was the ambassador for different brands. He recently held a workshop in which he taught how to build a garden at home. In dialogue with Infobae, he told how he began to transform his nutrition, what type of food he prefers and how he can start incorporating organic products in his meals.

-I have always promoted healthy eating in my life, I worried about knowing where the products I consume come from and I learned to grow my own food. It is not always possible. For this reason, I started some tutorials in which I teach how to build a vertical garden, for those people who do not have much space, to be able to grow rosemary, basil, thyme, oregano.

-When I was younger, I obviously went directly to what filled me with flavor. Clearly, all saturated foods, such as fried foods, take away the power of tasting much more subtle foods such as vegetables on the palate.

I have been a vegetarian for more than 15 years. I have learned to eat and enjoy healthy meals the way I used to enjoy other processed foods.

Today I understand that what is processed is something that is not going to do my body any good. In addition, I feel lighter eating meals with seasonal products.

Many times we want to eat fruits that are not in season and we end up eating fruits that are frozen, that have no taste or nutritional properties.

-The first advice I can give you is that if you do not have much notion of what to eat with, consult a specialist, who can guide you.

On the other hand, although many things are said on the internet that are not real, there are also very good healthy eating sites.

I also recommend that you buy your food from places that you know are certified organic.

And then there are certain things that help to have energy, for example pollen, spirulina and raw food (not all, but raw vegetables).

-I did not know, I did not know it. Surely, eating healthy will do you good in every way and that is a very important point. So if you don’t do it for something else and you want to do it just for that, welcome to the habit.