Venezuela and China ratified their willingness to deepen their bilateral relations

Delcy Rodriguez (REUTERS/Leonardo Fernandez Viloria) (LEONARDO FERNANDEZ VILORIA/)

The second of the Venezuelan regime, delcy rodriguezmet this Friday with the ambassador of China in the Caribbean country, Lan Huwhere they ratified the will of both nations to deepen bilateral relations.

The meeting, according to a press release, took place at the headquarters of the Vice Presidency, in Caracas, in which both officials discussed the idea of ​​strengthening relations as part of “the construction of a multipolar world.” without offering further details.

On Tuesday, Lan Hu was received by the dictator of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduroin the presidential palace of Miraflores, where he delivered his credentials.

On April 18, the Venezuelan regime agreed with China to reinforce the education and training program for scientists and researchers in the technological area, as reported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Caribbean country, without specifying how many people this exchange will reach.

In a press release, the regime indicated that the Minister of Science and Technology, Gabriela Jiménez, met in Caracas with representatives of China to “review and expand bilateral cooperation ties in space matters,” a framework signed, for the first time. , in January 2005.

The delegations “agreed to strengthen the program of training and human exchange, to continue training Venezuelan men and women in the scientific and technological area”, indicated the letter, which highlighted, among the topics addressed, the invitation to Venezuela to join the “Chinese lunar and deep space exploration”.

On Tuesday, Lan Hu was received by the dictator of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro (Zurimar Campos/Miraflores Palace/Handout via REUTERS)
On Tuesday, Lan Hu was received by the dictator of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro (Zurimar Campos/Miraflores Palace/Handout via REUTERS) (MIRAFLORES PALACE/)

Last month, the Asian giant invited the Caribbean country to participate in the project of the International Lunar Research Station (ISIL), a project that they hope to have operational in 2035 and that is part of the ambitious Chinese space program, which has reached milestones such as the successful landing of a probe on the far side of the Moon, in January 2019.

Huawei Recruitment

The renewed relationship with China has not gone unnoticed on Venezuelan state television, with frequent segments highlighting bilateral projects over the past month, such as a recent invitation from Beijing to help build a lunar base in about five years. Venezuela has no history of space exploration.

The Chinese company Huawei Technologies Co., which has been present in Venezuela for two decades, has hired more than 100 employees in Caracas in the last yearaccording to two of the people.

In 2019, Maduro asked Huawei to help build 4G technology across the country, just days after former President Donald Trump signed an executive order restricting Chinese telecommunications companies from selling their equipment in the US.

“It was never going to be the case that China just walked out” of Venezuela, said Margaret Myers, director of the Inter-American Dialogue and a fellow at the Wilson Center. “It was always going to be that he would bide his time.”

(With information from EFE and Bloomberg)

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