Venezuelan and millionaire! He is Michelle Salas’ fiancé…

In 2016, Michelle Salas was 27 years old and one of the most coveted singles in Latin entertainment.

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Series and Cinema

These are the finalists of the PRODU 2023 Awards


Series and Cinema

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However, everything changed for the young influencer after meeting Danilo Díaz Granados, the man who in a few months will swear eternal love to her in front of the altar.

The lucky man is a Venezuelan businessman who runs a company in the United States called Toys for Boys, in charge of distributing high-end accessories, such as luxury cars, jewelry and others to various parts of America and Europe.

The place of residence of Luis Miguel’s son-in-law is Miami and according to rumors, It was he who chose the Dominican Republic to hold the wedding.

The couple’s story began when Danilo met Michelle at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, where he graduated in Economics and Business Sciences.

He will be Luis Miguel's son-in-law

He will be Luis Miguel’s son-in-law


In 2016, they became lovers, but after some differences they broke up until they returned in a few months.. Rumors suggest that the reconciliation happened when she had an accident while skiing and he took the opportunity to offer her support.

It was in May 2023 when Silvia Pinal’s great-granddaughter announced on her social networks that she was going to get married. without revealing the exact date, although it is assumed that it would be at the end of the year on the colorful Caribbean island.