Venezuelan television and the crude censorship of “Patria y Vida” during the Latin Grammy

Venezuelan television that responds to the regime of Nicolas Maduro did not want his audience to know that the winners of one of the categories of the Latin Grammy Awards were the Cuban artists who oppose the dictatorship of Miguel Diaz-Canel and that they composed “Patria y Vida”, a song that became a hymn of freedom on the island. That was why the conductors and the production of Venevision they decided to cut the transmission when the renowned musicians raised the statuette, preventing the audience from seeing the gratitude and dedication of the winners.

There we have the winners. However, well … each of the nominees in this category has been wonderful“, said José Andrés Padrón, one of the two conductors -together with Nieves Soteldo– of the 2021 special issue of Venevision of the traditional Latin music awards ceremony. The cut, crude and surprising, prevented the authors of the success from being seen by the Venezuelan public who at that time was in front of the screen.

Soteldo he interrupted his partner and began to list the rest of the nominees who had not won the award. Strikingly, he did not name the Cubans. A few minutes later, they again committed the same act of censorship with the Cuban singers. “We go back to the Latin Grammy”Says the Venezuelan host of the regime’s channel. “There we see Gloria Stefan …”, Gets excited and presents Census.

However, the enthusiasm lasted only 15 seconds. When the Cuban artist began to introduce her compatriots, the man again interrupted the transmission to prevent People of the Zone could interpret the hymn that enrages the Castro dictatorship. “Gloria Stefan, spectacular as always … look there is something interesting that I do not want to miss, which is the theme of the Album of the Year. Today history can be made, Natalia Lafourcade can make history because she has been one of the winners and is tied with Shakira and Rosalía”, He underlined Census so he said he was “waiting for that moment.”

From left to right: Alexander Delgado, Descemer Bueno, Yotuel, El Funky, Yadam Gonzalez, Randy Malcom and Beatriz Luengo after winning the Latin Grammy for the best song of the year for the theme ‘Patria y Vida’, during the awards ceremony. Latin Grammy Award held last night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas (EFE) (CAROLINE BREHMAN /)

The song “Homeland and life” it was created by Me you him, Zone People, Descemer Good, Maykel Osorbo and The Funky Osorbo He is detained by the Díaz-Canel regime for having demonstrated against the dictatorship and having demanded greater freedoms on the island.

Following the announcement of the award, the Spanish actress and singer Beatriz Luengo took the stage to receive the award on behalf of her husband, Yotuel Romero, one of the song’s authors. “(I am) representing a country that is in a dictatorship, puts me in a huge commitment“El Funky said minutes before the ceremony began. “This song belongs to the people”, Yotuel said on the eve of the award ceremony.


“Homeland and life” is, mainly, a tribute to the San Isidro Movement (MSI) and has become the anthem of the protests of thousands of Cubans who took to the streets on July 11 to demand “freedom” for Cuba. In addition to the award, it is planned that the song sounds in the main ceremony in the mouth of its protagonists.

The exception of Maykel Osorbo, who is serving six months in prison this day, and who has become the object of international campaigns for his release, while his relatives They denounce the worsening of his state of health and the isolation to which the Cuban regime subjects him.


The Latin Grammys awarded “Patria y vida”, the anthem of dissident protests in Cuba