Verónica Castro is back with ‘The rich also cry’ remastered

The history of soap operas cannot be told without The Rich Also Cry, a 1979 classic melodrama produced by Valentine Pimpstein and starring Veronica Castro and Rogelio Guerrawhose success was devastating.

“Never has an audiovisual product dubbed in Spanish had such an impact as this one… Bringing The Rich Also Cry is bringing a bulletproof, moving story that marked a before and after in soap operas, a story that is very important for the career of many actors, starting with Verónica Castro”, he told us Daniel Lares, director of the channel Tlnovelaswho told us in detail about the great remastering work they did to achieve the visual quality that viewers will be able to appreciate from September 12 with this re-release.


Come back The rich also cry for the channel Tlnovelas… That’s right, and we are very happy because it is “the soap opera”; The history of melodramas cannot be explained without The Rich Also Cry, there is a before and after this one, because soap operas were already exported, but never has an audiovisual product dubbed in Spanish had such an impact as this one. If you had told people at that time that a Mexican soap opera was going to reach Russia and would be successful, it is as if you had said that we were going to take a trip to Jupiter, it was unthinkable!, and The rich also cry did possible. In addition, Verónica Castro came from other telenovelas where she had had a prominent role, but she had not been the protagonist, and it was with this melodrama that she was able to be, not only the protagonist, but a true international star.

In that sense, what does it mean for you to bring Verónica Castro to soap operas? Well, Veronica is a queen, we are going to have her in some capsules supporting the revival; She is one of the biggest stars of the Latin American show business and, of course, one of the biggest stars that the audiovisual industry has given in Mexico; She, like few figures in the media, has achieved something very unique, which is not being there, that is, it is still valid.

What did he say when he found out about the revival of The Rich Also Cry? He was happy! She told me: “Daniel, now I am going to be able to sit down and watch it calmly from beginning to end, without the pressure of having to go to work”. She sent her the remaster test and she was very pleased.


What was the remastering process you did? That is another attraction that the Tlnovelas channel offers with this title; We have been developing this system for three years, and as of this year we were able to acquire new European software that works with artificial intelligence. They have some algorithms that substantially improve the quality of the image that is received from the can (from the videotape), and then passes to our team with better definition; we achieve such quality of definition that, even if they have a compressed signal, you can see the difference.

What comes next? What we do is the conversion of the square screen to the full screen, the horizontal one that we know today, in HD, and we do color retouching; We take care of every detail: the mouth, the eyes… that the faces do not leave the frame… It is a manual work that is done by chapter with a team of experts.

How long does it take them to do all that? At least three months before going on the air. It is a complex process because you have to take care of everything, and it also depends on the soap opera; one of Valentín Pimpstein from the 70s is not the same as one of his more recent telenovelas, such as the one by María Mercedes, from 1992, and neither is one of his telenovelas the same as one of Ernesto Alonso, by Chava Mejía, Nicandro Díaz or Carla Estrada. The same process does not apply to all cliffhangers.

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