Verónica Castro revealed one of the conditions she set for her return to TV

Verónica Castro was very clear when detailing under what circumstances she would act again.

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Veronica Castro She has stayed out of the spotlight for a few years now; However, there are many people who want to see her again on the small screen and beg for her return. Will it ever happen?

The latest works of Veronica Castro as an actress were in the Serie The flower house and in the movie when I’m young, released in 2022; From then on, the performer and host has not been seen again, although she does make sporadic appearances before the media.

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Although it is not unusual for “la Vero” to take long periods of rest between one project and another, the truth is that For many fans, the absence of the actress is noticeable in the world of entertainment and they demand her return.

Verónica Castro is aware of the affection that the public has for her and, although Yes, he accepted that he had been offered some jobs, but he did not accept them for a powerful reason.find out!


On this topic, the statements of the producer and Verónica’s brother stood out in particular, José Alberto “el Güero” Castrowho in November 2023 assured that, Although he had offered the actress two work projects, she rejected them.

“I don’t want to go back to do things that are poorly done or that are going to hurt me a little bit. I want to do it well”

This raised the doubts of many people, who wondered why Verónica Castro had decided not to work with her brotherand although the actress remained silent for a long time, it was finally in an interview with Pati Chapoy who accepted that Yes, he would return to television, although with one important condition:

What I have to do and what I can do I want to do well. I don’t want to do something stupid, because the truth is I don’t want to go back and do things that are poorly done or that are going to hurt me a little bit. To be honest no. I want to do it well. I want people to say: ‘It was worth it for the old lady to come back. She came back, but she came back good. The old girl came back good,’” Verónica Castro detailed in the talk.

As you see, heVerónica’s absence is not definitive and possibly we will see it shine like actress again in a very short time, although yes, it must be in a project that really “fills your eye.”