Verónica del Castillo: “I did not lower Alma Cero’s heartthrob”

When it became known that Veronica del Castillo She had started a sentimental relationship with René de la Parra, Alma Cero’s ex-boyfriend, it was a scandal, it was speculated that the journalist had lowered the actress’s boyfriend, but the reality was not like that. Exclusively, Verónica told us how she had her romance with the man she asked the universe for and that she came into her life as part of all the good things that have happened to her in 2022.

“It was a great closing of the year, with a lot of work, thank God, I was on tour with my lectures and I am about to release my third book, so I am very happy in all areas of my life, even in love, in everything is going very well for me and I think it is the harvest of what I sowed.

“I asked René (her boyfriend) and it came to me by law of cause and effect, because I asked God for a man of faith, who had suffered a lot and who had a resolved financial situation, and he has all those characteristics.”

Verónica told us that she is happy that her wish has finally materialized: “I decreed what I wanted and he (René) called me two months after his relationship (with Alma Cero) ended. We are very happy because he likes all the activities that I do: therapies, philosophy, alternative medicine, the congresses that I attend… he is getting into my world a lot and I love that because not every man has the time and the humility to continue learning with me”.

When asked if she considered René to be the man of her life, the presenter told us: “(laughs) The truth is, my sister and I have not been very good at choosing partners, so I let God choose them for me; I don’t take anything for granted, I live only for today, like in Alcoholics Anonymous, I only enjoy the present, and I can’t talk about the future, therefore, I don’t know if he is the man of my life, but he is a very committed man , of faith and that he has not had a good time, and that is what a man like my father does, because my father, when he arrived with my mother, had already been a partygoer, a womanizer and everything”. In the case of René, she told us, “he is a man who has no vices and that for me is the most important thing, he is a healthy man in every way.” The journalist shared with us that everyone in his family already knows him and loves him very much: “My son and he get along super well,” she said.


Regarding the controversy in which Verónica was involved because her boyfriend was a partner of Alma Cero, who in an interview with TVyNovelas declared that she thought there was a friendship between them and that Verónica forgot, the host was once again blunt and said: “I saw her only once in my life, how can she be my friend?” Kate del Castillo’s sister clarified that the only time she saw Alma was in Mexico City and not in Los Angeles, California, as she told us. “I saw her in a restaurant where they came at the invitation of René’s friends, that day we went to a party and I never saw either of them again, until four months ago when Rene looked for me and told me that I was two months old. of having finished with Alma”.

It should be noted that the comedian mentioned that it struck her that Verónica’s relationship with René had happened so quickly, just two weeks after they ended their romance. To this statement, Verónica replied: “I have the chats so you can see the dates when she started writing to me (René), and other things that I did not like about that chat that she did not read in full…”. Verónica also clarified that if she wrote to Alma Cero “I love you” on WhatsApp, it was not because she considered her a friend: “Yes, I put I love you, but as a way of talking to everyone, it’s like saying: ‘ I love your character, I love your blouse, your shoes…’ but I didn’t think she would take it so seriously, I only saw her once and sorry, but I can’t consider her a friend, she’s a fun and talented woman, but! I didn’t even lower the gallant, nor was she my friend! “, the topic concluded.


Turning around the dimes and diretes, Verónica del Castillo told us about the projects that occupy her life today, one of them is the third book that she will publish shortly. “I still don’t have the name, but it is a manual that will accompany my neuroabundance workshop, that is, it will be my workshop on paper, in it people will find useful and practical information to start transforming beliefs of poverty and lack of beliefs that enhance abundance, prosperity and health”.

The journalist has been preparing herself on these issues for several years: “in 2004 I did my first master’s degree in reiki, I have two master’s degrees, one in Miami and the other in Mexico, since then I began to study everything about alternative medicine,” she explained. This knowledge has helped her in the hardest moments: “They have saved my life because I have had health problems and thanks to this change in mentality and this complementary alternative medicine, fortunately I have come out ahead, I have had several biopsies and I have escaped They have been benign tumors (…) I had postpartum depression and I never wanted to take antidepressants, the ones they sent me I threw away; To get ahead I started with alternative techniques such as Bach flowers, acupuncture and reiki… ”, she explained.

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