Verónica Toussaint and Sofía Rivera Torres: this is all we know about their “lawsuit”

This is one of the rumors most notorious on national television in recent years. Is there an enmity between Veronica Toussaint Y Sofia Rivera Torres?

Though the two have denied any rivalry repeatedly, many claim that certain statements issued in the media they record the constant friction between the two that played a determining role in Toussaint’s departure from the program ‘Does matters?‘.

But what is true in this story? Here we tell you everything we know about the apparent “lawsuit” between the talented Ariel-winning actress and the wife of Eduardo Videgaray.

The “lawsuit” between Verónica Toussaint and Sofía Rivera Torres

It all started in early 2020. Veronica Toussaint Y Sofia Rivera Torres shared screen with Eduardo Videgaray Y Jose Ramon Sancristobal “The Stake” in the program ‘Does matters?‘ of Imagen Television when the COVID-19 pandemic began. This led to some of its drivers having to go away and transmit from their homes. The dynamics of the program changed with Videgaray and his then-girlfriend, Rivera Torres, taking more participation because they could broadcast from the show’s forums.

In June 2020, Toussaint announced that she would say goodbye to the program to continue her role as host, now on the evening show ‘What a cool!‘, beside Mariana H. The announcement took the actress’s followers by surprise, as they saw her as one of the pillars of the show that she herself helped create. Many of her took her side and, following what was reported by the journalist Alex Kaffie in her column, they blamed sofia. The wave of tweets was immediate.

Verónica Toussaint and Sofía Rivera Torres: this is all we know about their “lawsuit” (Twitter / Sofía Rivera Torres)

Given this, Toussaint made a diplomatic decision and assured in interviews that there had been no problem with his partner and that his decision had only been based on his professional plans.

It seems extremely unfair to me that a decision I made, very thoughtful and conscientious, is reduced to the fact that it was a women’s lawsuit. Sofía has nothing to do with my decision, this has to do with a congruence issue; she was not doing and communicating what I want. Sofia and I never had a fight, we never had a confrontation,” she said during one of her live broadcasts on her YouTube channel.There is a phrase that is super important to me: ‘Do everything you have to do to be happy’. I was no longer happy thereso I moved, because it was stealing my peace”.

The Sofia Rivera Torres version?

The waters calmed down after a few weeks. Toussaint successfully continued his participation in ‘¡Qué chulada!’ while facing cancer that had been diagnosed in 2021. For his part, Sofía Rivera Torres continued as the star host of ‘¿Qué importa?’ and strengthened his relationship with Eduardo Videgaray, whom he legally married in November 2020. Everything seemed to be in the past.

However, during an interview for a YouTube channel, Rivera Torres recounted an unfortunate work experience which many found similar to what might have happened on the ‘What Does It Matter?’ forums. According to what she said, she experienced an uncomfortable situation with a former colleague who “felt her space had been invaded” and that he avoided saying goodbye to her when he decided to leave the program they shared.

“Something that started on television and then became a very uncomfortable situation for me outside of television was a situation that I had with a host at some point, that I came to a program and I think she felt like her space had been invaded She also got along very well with the rest of the team and he began to take certain attitudes towards me that put the rest of the team on the defensive until that bad vibe that we had… began to show“, he pointed.

Without mentioning her partner by name, Sofía said that the relationship between the two was such that when the other person left the program, she did not say goodbye to her: “She at some point decided to leave the program and in the program that she was going to say goodbye, they told her ‘Well, this is your farewell program, how do you want to handle it?’ and she said: ‘I want to say goodbye to so-and-so, so-and-so’; everyone but me.” “I flat out opted to say, ‘You know what? Standing there as an aide to be completely ignored, I better not go‘. It seems the most sensible thing to me, I’m not going to bother others”. It should be noted that Rivera Torres did not participate in Toussaint’s last program in ‘¿Qué importa?’.

Sofia ended her anecdote stating that the public would know who he was referring toWell, they had just attacked her when the other driver left the show: “Obviously it did not go unnoticed and I was ‘the bitch’, ‘the sucker who wasn’t there’, ‘the rude one’ because that person had more seniority in the program.” His attack ended by concluding that “everything is peace and harmony and flowers since this person is not“.

Veronica Toussaint’s version

With the elegance and good sense that characterizes her, Veronica Toussaint has been inclined not to acknowledge receipt of statements that do not mention her directly. On the contrary, every time the subject comes up, he has been faithful to his story and ensures that his departure is related solely to his work wishes.

“Things changed because the pandemic just entered. I stopped doing the sketches that I liked and what I did on the show I didn’t like. So, it seems very unfair to me that this outing is attributed to the fact that it was a problem between women. It seems very unfair to me when the reason had to do with a matter of personal growth. It’s easier to sell gossip,” he told the program “The minute that changed my destiny.”

Toussaint -who will soon release the film ‘DC League of Super Pets‘ where he voices one of the main characters – he has even stated that he has ‘much to thank Sofia‘ and that ‘learned a lot from her‘, especially when he emerged as a romantic interest in the life of his friend and former tennis partner, Eduardo Videgaray.

“It fell to me, as his friend and companion, to accompany Eduardo Videgaray in a complicated process (the death of his wife) and I think that Sofia, the only thing you have brought to your life is joy and love. Without a doubt. I lived it, I lived it from the beginning. So, on the contrary, what a father to see someone who loses a loved one and suddenly love returns to his lifeIt seems very lucky to me.”

With a view to ending the matter, Veronica pointed out that this is her version, “she (Sofía) will have hers and there will be the real one”.

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