Veronica Toussaint passed 16 chemo! It is ready for a new process

The desire to live Veronica Toussaint they are stronger than any discomfort that the aggressive treatments to which he has recently undergone may leave him. Through the telephone line, the actress and presenter reveals her enthusiasm and the claw with which she has risen in the face of the constant falls that a disease such as cancer implies.

She recently celebrated the end of a first cycle of chemotherapy that places her in another position; It is like a first victory after six months in which science and his faith played a transcendental role. The owner of the program speaks to us exclusively about this process and what continues now What a cool!broadcast by Image TV.

How has your health been recently? On March 17, six months have passed since this process began. The first chemotherapy was given to me on September 17, and now we have concluded these six months of treatment. Then this first cycle of treatment is closed, which had to do with 16 chemo. There are 12 white and four red.

What is the difference between one and the other? The white ones, it seems, are less harsh because they are one a week, and the red ones were done to me every 21 days. They have different components, although I confess that the red ones were strong, it took me about seven days to recover.

How did you manage to get back to work afterwards? The first few days after they were put on, I was left feeling weak and tired that I couldn’t explain. There is no way to compare it to a hangover or the flu. Tiredness is unique, so, in reality, the only thing I could do was rest, be in bed or in an armchair… I couldn’t and didn’t want to speak or read or see, except rest. I was extremely weak, I couldn’t open a bottle of water or carry my bag, and those days I was at home. After the sixth day I was measuring how my energy was going, I attended the program and then I went back to rest. The truth is that for me the program, when I had more energy, helped me to be present, to feel happy, to clear my mind, without thinking that I felt bad. On the channel, my producer Ulises, the same girls and the technicians spent their time holding me back, waiting to see if I had heat stroke, if my energy dropped, passing me fruit, water. They were always taking care of me, and although many people said that instead of eating in the middle of the program I should work, it seems super important to me that this type of case like mine is also supported on television.

Did your hair fall out? Yes, I dropped a lot. I don’t know what percentage, but I was taking great care of it; now there is a technology that works for some types of chemotherapy. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s a technology that cools the scalp to a degree, so during chemo they put the helmet on me and I still had about four hours after that to cool the scalp. Then I did intermediate therapies, and every day, in my life, I put ice packs on my scalp to take care of my hair. Right now it is not supposed to fall out, and the truth is that I have a very good percentage of hair that helped me not feel sick.

In other words, it is no longer like before, when the treatment was so aggressive that the patient lost all his hair? It is that it depends. There are other people who lose their locks of hair during their first chemotherapy and then decide to shave it off. In my case, after 16 chemotherapies, I was a success story for this technology.

And after these 16 chemo, what else comes? Well, another study called PET (positron emission tomography) will follow; I still do not have an appointment scheduled, but as soon as possible they will do it for me, and with that they will measure how the tumor activity is going, how much it has decreased, and based on that, the decision will be made, in due course, to have a operation. In other words, there are still many stages.

Can it be said that you emerged victorious from the first phase? Exactly! The first stage, which is supposed to be the one that physically hits us the most, is the most cumbersome, the most difficult to pass; I’m over it! And it was super nice, because the last day of my chemotherapy was very close to my birthday, so I received samples and samples of love and affection. In these six months I felt very accompanied, very supported, mainly by my family; without a doubt, for my boyfriend, for my friends and for the community of fans who are incredible people who have not stopped praying, sending me gifts and being attentive.

Did you resort to psychological therapy to deal with the emotional issue? Of course, I’m a fan of therapy. I am the daughter of a therapist, so it is not that I have resorted to therapy, rather, I was already in it; What we did was work on this test in my life on a psychological level. Thanks to Dr. Horacio Astudillo, I had an alternative therapy that I did with nanomedicine, in which they gave me all the supplements, also magnetic arc therapy, which helped me recover better from chemotherapy. So, if you see me in these six months, and you didn’t know about the cancer, you would never imagine that I was going through the chemo process.

Did you adjust your eating habits? Yes, I submitted myself to a very rigorous diet in which I cut flour, sugar, dairy products… In addition, I have not stopped exercising, I have not let go of meditation for a single day.

This disease is made up of ups and downs in mood, how did you get out of that trance? The truth is, I did have very bad days, but it’s normal, and you have to go through that. I had very angry days, sad days, days where I felt frustrated; however, I never went through the “why me?” moment, on the contrary, I rather asked myself “why me?”. And from that point I have been working; when I’ve been bad, well, I cry, and with the help of my friends and meditation I get ahead. It seems to me that in this process, meditation makes us fight the physical issue and the mental issue, which is even more intense.

Perhaps the problem of other patients is tormenting themselves with the “why me?”… Of course, and each one has their process of how they face the situation, and they have to see how we have been educated. In my case, I come from a very loving family in which critical moments bring us together and make us move forward. I remember when I told my relatives that having them close I could go through anything. And on hard and difficult days I have let myself fall, I have cried, I have felt bad, I have said mad…, but I have also listened to the body. Not everything has been hunky-dory, being seen on television smiling is a great effort that I make, because work gives me life, but it doesn’t mean it has been easy.

Are you one of the people who associated cancer with the word death? There is no way not to associate it. It is a word that we do not want to hear, that we do not want to happen to anyone, and then it will always scare us. Whoever says no, he is lying.

After these six months, do you consider that you are another? Of course I have changed a lot. Just as I changed my eating and mental habits, I think I still have a long way to go and understand. I’m still kind of surviving from the wallowing of the wave, so I still don’t understand where it’s up…

What is the message for people facing a situation similar to yours? I consider it very important to approach the right doctors; First, science seems to me to be a key tool. In my case, the company of Dr. Astudillo has been essential, his treatments… I also recommend meditation and the support of family, friends and partner. Do you know what is important? The fact of not being strong; I think it is very nice to be accompanied, because it is a very hard test.

In the end, we are all weak at some point… More than weak, we are vulnerable. I prefer to think that everyone in life is going to go through a difficult moment, no matter what it is, and it takes a lot of strength to show that vulnerability.

Has your rhythm of life also changed completely? Yes, I just don’t have energy. I take good care of myself so I prefer to save that strength to go to work. Suddenly I go to a dinner for a while, but I get tired quickly; Now that the ravages of my last chemo are gone, I hope that energy begins to regularize and I can resume my life. However, I have not stopped working, I have rejected a lot of very nice projects, theater, film, series, precisely because of this, but the truth is that it is something that I had to live, and that’s it.