Verstappen’s mistake that ruined his expectations in qualifying: Hamilton to start on pole in a key race

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* Max Verstappen’s accident at the end of qualy

There are only two dates left until the end of the Formula 1 and every move can be key in the final battle they hold Max verstappen and Lewis hamilton for the title. The British driver was the pole man of the classification in Saudi Arabia and the Dutchman was one of the stellar protagonists of this eventful qualification as a result of an accident in the final seconds when he was looking to snatch the first place of the grid.

The Mercedes racers –Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas– They had jumped to the top two places, but Max had been testing different variants of the track since Q1 to get the fastest lap. The Dutchman decided to risk with the clock already marking the final red seconds of Q3: he stepped on the accelerator of his Red Bull and played to the limit in every inch of the Jeddah Street Circuit.

The partials were favorable to his handling, Lewis’s numbers had been falling. But at the last corner the car seemed to lose grip and ended up hitting sideways against one of the walls. Verstappen was arrested and could not complete that last lap that had been shaping him as a candidate for pole.

I really don’t understand what happened. I got a little blocked. To finish third is disappointing, but today it proved that the car is fast around here so we’ll see what happens tomorrow, ”the current Drivers’ Championship leader declared after the race.

Hamilton, who will need a good performance to transfer the definition to the last race, praised the circuit that will host the penultimate date: “What a difficult track this is. It’s amazing what they’ve built, the speed and pace here is phenomenal. It’s a great result for the team and a great job from Valtteri. He is the best teammate there has ever been in this sport ”.

In any case, Max could claim the title this Sunday and thus cut with the hegemony that Mercedes has maintained for seven seasons at the hands of Hamilton and also Nico Rosberg (2016). If the results are not favorable to you, the definition will move to next weekend at the Abu Dhabi GP.

What combination of results must occur for Verstappen to be enshrined in Jeddah?

1) Let him win, set the lap record and Hamilton is 6th or worse.

2) That he wins and Hamilton is 7th or worse.

3) Make it second, set the lap record, and Hamilton is 10th or worse.

4) That it is second and that Hamilton does not add points, that is, I finished from 11th place down.

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* The summary of the classification


1- Lewis hamilton

2- Valtteri Bottas

3- Max verstappen

4- Charles Leclerc

5- Sergio Checo Pérez

6- Pierre Gasly

7- Lando norris

8- Yuki tsunoda

9- Esteban Ocon

10- Antonio Giovinazzi

eleven- Daniel Ricciardo

12- Kimi raikkonen

13- Fernando Alonso

14- George russell

fifteen- Carlos Sainz Jr.

16- Nicholas latifi

17- Sebastian Vettel

18- Lance Stroll

19- Mick schumacher

twenty- Nikita mazepin


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