Vibrant paintings look like kaleidoscopic flowers pressed onto the canvas

Japanese artist Yuta Okuda creates mesmerizing abstract paintings that look like colorful pressed flowers

Former fashion designer and fine artist Yuta Okuda creates mesmerizing abstract paintings that highlight the beauty of the “little things” we often take for granted. He uses a floral motif—symbolizing good childhood memories—to construct colorful bouquets that seem to jump off the canvas.

These flower arrangements are made from large splatters of acrylic paint and numerous intricate lines. In each work, black stems extend from the bottom of the canvas to support the vibrant flowers.

“The multi-colored flowers have a strong pop appearance, but each individual petal is delicately drawn,” explains the artist’s website.

“Okuda says it doesn’t have to look like a flower, and flowers certainly don’t look particularly realistic.”

The artist has been painting full-time since 2016, but it wasn’t until very recently that flowers became a prominent part of his work.

“In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, [Okuda] he realized that the things he had taken for granted had always been extraordinary events, and from then on he began to paint works of flowers with the theme ‘with gratitude’”.

His first solo show in the United States—which took place in early November in New York—was titled With Gratitude in honor of the inspiration behind the series.

You can follow Okuda on Instagram to see more of his work and to stay up to date on his upcoming exhibitions.