Vicky wants to take steps away from video games

Vicky Palami, a gamer known for broadcasting Apex Legends and Minecraft games, and on her Twitch account (vickypalami) revealed that she is currently working on her career as a streamer.

“All my streams are on Twitch that I often try to plan days in advance.”

“For a couple of months I have tried to start doing new dynamics, bring guests or guests, be able to try interesting games or sometimes just talk with the people who watch the streams about topics that may seem important to them, in addition to that, I try to diversify my content to my other platforms and other networks.”

He explained “this year I definitely want to do a lot of things, dynamics and events, especially outside of video games, since, up to now, what I have done has to do with a video game, like the tournaments I have created or in which I have collaborated. , whether it’s for creators for fun or charity, I would definitely like to organize something like this again; also create new things to get out of my comfort zone, I still don’t have a specific idea, but it inspires me a lot to see my co-workers encourage themselves to create these types of events and see that people enjoy them so much”.

Of the goals to be achieved, Vicky determined “I think that the numerical part is the easiest to mention and somehow it is not the most relevant because at the end of the day the numbers are just that, however, recently I reached 500 thousand followers on Twitch which is my main platform and I am confident and I think that if I keep working hard this year I will be able to reach a million followers which is a number, for me, too surreal”.

To finish, he stated that what he would like to see change in the gamer world are the prejudices that exist.

“The truth is that at the end of the day they are stereotypes that I could not even say that they are at a national level but at an international level, like all the stigma towards women who play video games and how we are judged, sometimes we are not considered that We can become good at a game or we are not taken seriously, or when we are good they don’t even believe that it is ourselves playing, this type of thing is always present, especially in someone like me who has always been a gamer. competitive, which for many, is still an exclusive genre for men, but I hope that as we are more and more women in video games and the creation of content, this will change ”.

“I feel that this 2023 we have started well, and I think we have shown that there are many women content creators who deserve recognition and not just say that we are doing well for being women, since the reality is that we all work hard, both men like women who want to grow in this video game industry and in the creation of content”, he concluded.