Victor Emmanuel of Savoy, son of the last king of Italy, died

Victor Emmanuel of Savoy, son of the last king of Italy

Victor Emmanuel of Savoyson of Humbert IIhe last king of Italy, died today at 86 years in Genevawhere his family went into post-war exile, according to a statement from the former royal house of Savoy.

”At 7:05 this morning (6:05 GMT), His Royal Highness Victor Emmanuel passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family,” indicated the note from the noble house, which reigned in Italy since its birth in 1861 until 1946 (and also briefly in Spain, between 1871 and 1873, with Amadeo I).

The death of the one considered by the monarchists as heir to the throne of Italycomes a few months after he and his wife, the former water ski champion, in 2023 Marina Doriasold their mansion on the outskirts of Geneva and auctioned some of the most exclusive objects they had hoarded there.

The House of Savoy led the process of Unification of Italycompleted in 1861, and occupied the throne of the country until the fall of fascism after World War II.

Savoy Mafalda
King of Italy Victor Emmanuel III (1869-1947) with his family Princess Giovanna, Queen Elena, Prince Umberto, Princess Maria, Princess Jolanda and Princess Mafalda (Photo by Apic/Getty Images) (Apic/)

Umberto II ruled for just a month in 1946 after the abdication of his father, Victor Emmanuel III (1900 1946), who had supported Benito Mussolini’s rise to power.

Humbert II, known as “the may king”Due to the time he was on the Italian throne, he died in exile, precisely in Geneva in 1983.

After the Second War, Italians opted in the 1946 referendum for the proclamation of the Republic and the male heirs of the Savoy dynasty ended up in exile until the Italian Parliament allowed their return to the country in 2002.

On March 15, 2003, the Saboyas, Víctor Manuel and his son Manuel Filiberto, set foot in Italy again, landing in Naples after 57 years in exile.

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