Victoria Beckham reveals her previous engagement to an electrician

The new documentary Beckham, from Netflix, premiered on October 4 and since then it has given a lot to talk about, already showing a never-before-seen side of David and Victoria Beckham.

Thanks to this production, the former Spice Girl spoke about her husband’s infidelity with Rebecca Loos, but other details of her private life also came to light, among which her previous engagement to Mark Woods, an electrician whom she knew, stands out. fell in love before becoming famous.

According to the British designer, she met her former boyfriend at the age of 14, when he was an employee of a company run by her parents.

Their relationship lasted 6 years and they even got engaged shortly before the singer joined the Spice Girls.
The courtship was going so well that they both decided to live together in a luxurious house, valued at more than four hundred thousand euros in the town of Goffs Oak, in Hertfordshire.

This had been a gift from the boy’s parents.

However, when Victoria rose to international fame as Posh Spice, she chose to break off their engagement as she no longer felt comfortable with him.

“He wasn’t the right person for me, I wasn’t having fun, so that had to end,” he explained in an interview at the time. «I didn’t give him the ring back either.

I still have it because it was an evil ring. It’s not horrible? “It makes me sound very materialistic,” she confessed.

In the past, Mark Woods commented that, although the separation hurt him, he was also happy to see his ex-girlfriend succeed and said he was proud of her.