Victoria Ruffo reappeared after being caught in a wheelchair. What illness does she have and what is the treatment?

Victoria Ruffo started 2024 on the wrong foot.


Victoria Ruffo has given a lot to talk about in recent days due to two pieces of news: the upcoming paternity of her son, José Eduardo Derbez, and a complicated health problem that has forced her to use a wheelchair. What is happening with the actress? ?

As we informed you at TVyNovelas, “Victoria Ruffo, 61 years old, is very happy with the news her son gave her that He will be a father at 31 years old with his girlfriend, Paola Dalay21 years old”; however, his happiness is not completely complete due to a severe illness.

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The “queen of soap operas” revealed to her fans, through an Instagram video, that you are doing everything possible to treat a health problem which already dates back several years without having to undergo surgery. It is important to remember that, In July 2023, the actress caused a stir after she was caught in a wheelchair at a public event.

“I’m going to check my lumbar hernias, the doctor already told me that I had another hernia, “Do me a favor… They already sent me a belt, they already sent me treatment, medicines, and I’m very well, thank God it doesn’t hurt so much anymore,” he said. Victoria Ruffo in his most recent post. What are lumbar hernias and what is the treatment to follow?

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OK with the portal of the University of Navarra Clinic“herniated disc is a disease in which part of the intervertebral disc moves towards the nerve root, presses on it and produces intense pain. If the herniation is voluminous and compresses all the nerves it encounters, it can produce what is called cauda equina syndrome, which is a surgical emergency.”

Medical experts also point out, that only 10 percent of cases of herniated discs require surgery for treatmentprioritizing other less invasive options that include rest, medication and performing special exercises under the supervision of a professional.


  • Lumbago (severe pain in the lower back)
  • Sciatica (pain that occurs in the legs)
  • Numbness or pain in the extremities
  • Urinary incontinence in rare cases