#Video: Adele signs a wedding dress for a woman in concert; she was just married

In addition to being a great singer, Adele has a unique shape to interact with their fans. An example of this was that in a concert in Las Vegas, the artist He signed his autograph on the wedding dress of a woman recently married who was in the audience and the moment was caught on video.

A video circulated on social media where do you see the british singer Adele, walk through the public who attended his concert; while singing ‘When we were young’. However, it was found to a newly married womanstill with her wedding dress on, who asked to sign her dress.

seeing the woman in the wedding dress, Adele was surprised and both showed emotion to coincide in such an epic moment. At this, the groom with the tuxedo on, asked the artist to sign with an autograph the outfit of his wife.

Given this, Adele agreed to give them the best wedding gifttook a pen, asked to the bride hold the flow of the dress and without stopping singing one of his hits the artist gave her signature. Finally, Adele said goodbye to them and the couple who attended to the concert after the wedding, had the best night of their lives.