#Video: Alejandro Fernández kisses a fan for the photo; boyfriend ruins the moment

Every fan’s dream is to receive some kind of gesture from their favorite artist.but sometimes random events happen that end up ruining the magical moment. This happened to a young Mexican woman, who was surprised by Alexander Fernandez with a kiss on the cheek, but the disappointment was great to see that the result was not as expected thanks to her boyfriend.

The video that went viral on the internet portrays the moment complicated for manwho in the eagerness to fulfill his wife’s dream during the Palenque at the León Fairmade a mistake that was posted on TikTok.

As can be seen in the clip shared by user @franknegrete95, Alejandro Fernández approached a fan and surprised her with a kiss on the cheek. The woman felt in the clouds with the gesture that his favorite artist had. But the “best” was missing in the story.

The companion, who took out his cell phone to take the photo, opened the front camera by mistake and therefore did not register the kiss. When he tried to take a new snapshot, the interpreter from “I dedicated myself to losing you” and “If you knew” he was already serving other fans.

Imagine that Alejandro Fernández approaches you to kiss you and your wey open the camera in frontal mode and lose the opportunity to take the photo ”, reads the description used by the user Frank, who asked to share the clip to find the young woman.

After the video went viral on TikTok, the person in charge of the registry asked the community to share it on their social networks so that the “lucky” woman has, at least, a memory of the kiss what’s going on with him Alejandro Fernández at the León Fair, Guanajuato.

Among the hundreds of comments, a netizen recognized the young woman and stated that she is from San Juan de Los Lagos.