#Video: Alfredo Adame fights with a couple in the street and ends up humiliated

The driver Alfredo Adame clashed with a couple in the middle of the street after an argument; the also actor, who presumed to be very good at fighting, ended up on the floor.

Someone who has recently been surrounded by controversy is the actor and driver Alfredo Adame. This time for a street fight in which he ended up on the floor.

In the videos that have gone viral on different networks, you can see Adame, 63, in a fight with a woman to which he demands that he return his cell phone.

First Adam, shirt already unbuttoned and noticeably angry, he struggles with the young woman and chases her, while she walks away and records it. Moments later, the actor corners her and grabs her from behind to remove her device.

Moments later, a companion of the young woman stands behind Adame and holding him by the neck he takes him to the floor. To defend himself, Alfredo kicks him, already on the ground.

Unfortunately for Carlos Trejo fans, this video is cut at that time.

However, another one also came from someone who goes in his car and manages to capture more of this fight that showed that Alfredo Adame he is not the great fighter which he presumed to be before the ‘fight of the century’ against the ghostbusters.

In this clip you can see the former candidate for mayor of Tlalpan hit the truck where the woman and the man with whom he fought went.

Immediately, the young woman gets out of the car and begins to kick the actor, so the struggle continues. When the girl’s companion approaches, Adame kicks him weakly in the legs, so he responds with some blows that they failed to connect.

Finally, it is possible to appreciate that Adame falls to the floor, although it is not observed in detail if by a push or a blow.

On social networks, mockery rained down on Adame, especially from Carlos Trejo’s fans, who pointed out to him that the author of Cañitas would have destroyed it.