#Video: Andrea Legarreta broke down in tears on the Hoy program after breaking up with Erik Rubín

Andrea Legarreta broke down in tears at the start of the show Today. After announcing the separation with the singer Erik Rubin and assured that there is no such thing as ‘shady’, simply the love of a couple changed.

“It is not a lawsuit, there is nothing wrong, there is nothing shady, the only reason is the transformation of the love of a coupleI am sure that many know that this happens”, argued Andrea.

According to the statement that the couple shared on social networks, they are more than five months apartbut it was until February 22 that they decided to make it public.

«I don’t want to do this as a drama and it’s not a tragedy it’s a decision what luck because when you love someone so much, suddenly it would be easier after a lawsuitof a disappointment, to say ‘Yeah, yeah, goodbye,’ concluded Andrea Legarreta.


your inseparable friend and companion, Galilea Montijo was the one who started with the words in support of Andrea, next to them were their other companions, Arath de la Torre, Raúl Araiza, Paul Stanley and Andrea Escalona, who tenderly embraced to Legarreta.