#Video: Anthony Hopkins shows off his piano skills at 85 and makes fans fall in love

Sir Anthony Hopkins, 85surprises the hotel staff by spontaneously playing the piano in the empty hall, proving once again his artistic versatility and captivating his followers. Renowned Welsh actor, two time Oscar winner, is widely recognized for his iconic role as Hannibal Lecter in “The Silence of the Lambs” and more recently as Odin in the Marvel film series “Thor”.

However, his talent is not limited to acting.since it is also a passionate musician and composer. In a video shared on his social networks, Sir Anthony Hopkins stands in a hotel lobby, where he discovers a majestic piano.

Without hesitation, sits in front of the piano and begins to play an apparently improvised melody that flows from your heart and soul. His performance is emotional and full of expressiveness, capturing the attention of a small group of hotel employees who gather to witness this unexpected concert.

The music flows from his hands with an impressive naturalness, as if telling a story through the piano keys. The piece is a manifestation of his skill and passion for music, making it clear that his talent encompasses multiple artistic facets.

At the end of his performance, Sir Anthony Hopkins thanks his audience, who responds with warm applause. As he walks away from the piano, praises the instrument by saying: “good piano”, revealing his appreciation for the quality of the instrument. This spontaneous performance It is not the first time that the actor shows his love for music. From an early age, Hopkins has been involved in music composition and has shared his love of the piano with the world. His ability to create emotional and moving music It is testimony of his deep bond with this art.