#Video: Belinda delights Christian Nodal with sexy dance

Belinda and Christian nodal they continue to enjoy their love and share with their fans some of those sweet moments, such as a sexy dance that the singer did to the interpreter of “Adiós amor”.

In your state of Instagram, the singer of 22 years posted a short video in which Belinda, dressed in sweatpants, she starts dancing on her back and lifts her sweatshirt, revealing her curves.

With one drooling emoticon and one with heart eyes, it was how Christian called it. this moment that has already gone viral on social networks.

Another romantic moment that they shared in networks:

A few days ago, the couple gave something to talk about when the singer appeared with a new tattoo in honor of the artist; It was Belinda who showed the new tattoo that Christian did to his face. “Utopia”, name of second album study of the pop singer, is the word that the singer wears now, although it is unknown if the ink is temporary or permanent.

It is not the first tattoo that Nodal gets on his face by Belinda, when they began their love relationship, he shared that he had tattooed the word “Beli” near the right ear.

But the tattoo that caused controversy in social networks was the one made on the chest, where the eyes of the singer of “My beautiful betrayal.”

Even the couple was the victim of teasing and memes, after Nodal was compared to Lupillo Rivera, who got a tattoo on Belinda’s face, before his supposed fleeting romance with the singer ended.

For her part, Belinda, who has been more discreet, also got a small tattoo with the initials of her lover “CN”.