#Video: Benicio del Toro recommends watching Mexican cinema

“Look at Mexican cinema,” says Benicio del Toro convinced, when asked what Ibero-American cinematographies should do in their relationship with Hollywood.

“I am not a scientist, but I watch Mexican cinema and it contributes a lot to cinema (from there), mix it up, make their own movie, You see the Three Amigos making movies there, movies here. I create the cinema from hollywood you can use it, can be influenced by Japanese, English, French, Chinese”, he considers…

Puerto Rican actor of “Traffic” and “Sicario” received this morning the Platinum Award of Honor for his career in the cinema, which counts more than three decades and more than 50 feature films.

One of his first movies was “Huevos de Oro”, next to Javier Bardem, after having participated in video clips such as The beautiful island of Madonna.

“It was filmed in Miami, I remember having a great time with one of my favorite actors which was Xavier I also remember what I was doing another movie filming in pennsylvaniaIt was winter and I ran away to do it, but I couldn’t get sunSo I had to wear a very Mexican hat to protect me from the sun”, he recalls.

He details that when he was young he was not lonely, but since he doesn’t play instruments and doesn’t sing either, he saw in acting a kind of recreation and through which he could live socially.

“Everyone had to rehearse with others and others and I was getting the taste for the performance. He thought someone was born with it, but acting is like all the arts, you can improve, it has a logic that is not random, it has its sciences ”, he estimates.

The Platinum Award is given annually to the best of cinema. and the Ibero-American series, while that of Honor to those personalities of the region with a rich trajectory.

“I am truly honored to follow in the footsteps of those who received as Antonio Banderas, Ricardo Darin and Carmen Maura to name a few, It’s truly a family,” he says.

He just shot the movie.”Reptile”, Grant Singer’s debutcreator of artists’ video clips Like Sam Smith and Shawn Mendes.