#Video: Beyoncé launches collection ‘Renaissance Couture’ collaboration with Balmain

Beyonce and Olivier Rousteing, the current creative director of Balmainare under the spotlight for the launch of “Renaissance Couture”a collection of haute couture looks inspired by the songs from the singer’s most recent album.

They both worked for about six months with the design team Balmain and with Marni Senofonte, the stylist with whom the artist has been working practically all life.

Although all the looks who were born from this union are a true artwork, the most special is the one that is inspired by the song “Pure/Honey”, one of the themes more viral from the launch.

“With this design we pay tribute to the ballroom community, to the legends Moi Renee and Kevin Aviance. Since Beyoncé and I were determined to channel that contagious rhythm of disco and the same exuberant joy in this design, towe remember that a flashy shine combined with a wild mix of maximum chart patterns was definitely the way to go.

“Our artisan’s flat sequin embroidery work helped generate the boldest statement possible, combining elementsnts of psychedelic, harlequin, marinière and zebra patterns. Your beautification work perfectly complements with the exquisite black and white feather work from Maison Fevrier, which has long been celebrated for creating incredibly impressive plumage that is seen so much on the haute couture catwalks of Paris as in the legendary cabarets of the city”, said the designer about the garments.

Beyoncé and Adidas split

Adidas and Beyoncé put an end to to their collaboration around to ivy parkthe sportswear line of the American pop star. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the separation has been mutually agreed due to “creative differences.”

OK to The Wall Street Journal, Adidas hoped that Ivy Park would sell just as well as the brand Kanye West’s Yeezywho stopped working with Adidas following his controversial comments.

Yeezy was Adidas’ most profitable linedespite its high prices. The products were around between 200 and 400 eurosand they were sold without need On sale.

Ivy Park had predicted a billing of 250 million dollars in 2022, however, at the end of that year it was estimated that the brand of Beyonce would get to reach 40 million dollars in sales, almost a 50% less than in 2021 (93 million), and a great drop compared to to the year’s forecast.