#Video: Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodríguez announce that they are expecting their first child

Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodriguez they just announced that they will become mother and father of Lionthe baby they are expecting a few months agoafter both published a photo simultaneously in their social networksin which it can be seen a small stuffed animal next to some shoes that confirm that they have finally fulfilled the wish of welcoming a new member to your family.

It was in August of last year when the ex-academic came out of “Venga la alegría”, program in which she served as one of the main conductors for several years, as the singer expressed her wish to dedicate all his time to his family, however, he assured that it was a temporary farewellbecause it would continue to be part of TV Azteca, television station that has been working for 16 years, after his participation in the fourth season ended of “The Academy”.

Much was said that Cynthia was in search to become in motherso he would prioritize his personal life above professional. That same August the news was released that she and her partner had married in Spain last June, after holding a six year courtship and although happiness seemed to permeate the lives of the newlyweds, soon painful news struck in the life of Riverawho lost his father, José Gonzalo Gilberto Rivera, on August 27, 2022 but fortunately He was able to witness his son’s wedding.

This news is already generating hundreds of reactionsbecause Cynthia and Carlos are some of the relationships spoiled by the middledespite the fact that even today it remains hermetic about some details of their relationship, but it has also generated sensation the fact that that the couple shared the sex and name of the baby, because your child will be baptized with the name of Lion, in honor from “The Lion King” the staging that led the interpreter of «I was waiting for you” to gain international recognition.

And though the news broke a few minutes ago in “Come joy”, Villabolos Schedule, partner of Cynthia’s worksaid he suspected that Laura G and Kristal Silva, great friends of the future mother, they were already aware of the news but they had probably saved the secret for them to be Rivera and Rodríguez who will talk about the good news.

This is the love story between Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodríguez

In a recent interview, that the singer granted to “Windowing”, after a long period of friendship, since both belonged to “The Academy” but they were participants in different seasons and it was not but with the passage of time that the excellent relationship they had between friends turned into attraction and lovewhich made them undertake a courtship of four years, a time when Carlos asked Cynthia to move in together due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic arrived and we already made the decision to live together and obviously, being like this, it was like I said: ‘I don’t want anything else in the world and nothing else in life’and from there it was that I proposed to herin Madrid, a year and a half ago and last year we decided celebrate our love,” he explained.

On that same occasion, Rivera said that despite the fact that they leaked Some photographs at her wedding, in which they received the blessing of the Pope, actually, they planned to keep it in total discretionWell, they only invited their families and 10 couples of friends, but someone photographed them and sent the images to the Pati Chapoy program.

We didn’t want anyone to find out before (from the wedding) and I see the photographersand I say to Cyn: ‘-These photos are going to come out. And the one who was to blame was a little father who (labeled) a Windowing because he put: ‘I thought I saw Cynthia and Carlos with the Pope…’, He put the photo because he bought it, In addition, a very good reporter”, he deepened.