#Video: Claudia Martín: the particular reaction of Andrés Tovar’s ex to Maite Perroni’s pregnancy

Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar revolutionized social networks with their creative way of announcing that they will be parents The former RBD and the producer they chose the vespers of Three Wise Men to announce to their followers what everyone suspected It’s true. It is that although the information almost leaked they wanted to wait the prudent time to make it official.

with a video, Maite Perroni confirmed her pregnancy. “Happy king’s day !!!! Now I knowí, let it begin this 2023 full of love and what their hearts desire most, May it be a great year for everyone.” wrote as a caption to the clip that quickly was filled with messages of congratulations. Many were the artists who left their comment under the post.

However, it was the words of Claudia Martin the ones that more drew attention. is that the ex by Andrés Tovar chose his stories from the camera’s social network to leave an enigmatic comment. There were many Internet users who thought that it was his way to react to news that his ex will be a father.

Wolf moon, today is a night for: sow seeds with good intentions, feel changes in our spirituality and leave the past behind,” he wrote. Claudia Martin a few minutes after confirmation by Maite Perroni. But this is not the first time that the ex of the producer perform this type of covert statements. The day the RBD and Tovar got married also did the same.

“Don’t worry too much, everything will fall into place”, wrote on that occasion Claudia Martin. Although she has denied that are indirect for your ex, she cannot deny the coincidence of the publications in these facts so significant for the producer. Let’s also not forget that when They finished the rumor was already spread that Tovar was cheating on her with Perroni.