#Video: Does Taylor Swift go out with Fernando Alonso? This answered the pilot

The singer, Taylor Swift and Fernando Alonso, a Formula One driver, are in the crosshairs of their fans, because in social networks it has been speculated that they are dating, after Swift broke up with her boyfriend of six years, Joe Alwyn.

Something that started as a joke on social networks, has become quite a topic of conversation, even within of the Formula One Paddock and as proofa video published in the official account of the motorsport category where, in an interview they questioned Fernando Alonso.

The journalist in charge was Will Buxton who jokingly asked using titles of Swift songs: “I have to ask this, because otherwise I would be leaving a ‘blank space’ and this is your ‘love story’ and no one else’s, but there have been rumors during the break…»

Given this, Alonso responded with a laugh, assuring that “I already answered that, I have nothing to say. The Baku format change is very complicated, I don’t need more, I think you have more questions».

the asturian He has taken the situation with humor, he even posted a video on his social networks where he winks at the camera while Swift’s “Karma” song plays.

Social network users, especially fans of the singer and Formula One, have taken the situation as a joke and they have shared memes and “signal” theories that the two are dating.