#Video: Florinda Meza revealed the derisory sum of money that Televisa wants to pay to rebroadcast Chavo del 8

Since “The guy from 8” stopped broadcasting many They have asked why. One of the people who were consulted about the issue It was Florinda Meza. It is that there are several who assured that she was practically the culprit for this to happen. Tired of the criticism, she decided to reveal what happened.

In that sense, Florinda Meza pointed out that it is Robert Jr. who has most of the program royalties And if you haven’t reached an agreement yet? It’s because Televisa underestimates him. This way, Chespirit’s wifeor held that the channel offers ua paltry sum of money to retransmit it and that he is not willing to lose so much.

Even, Florinda Meza went on to state that while Roberto Gómez Bolaños was alive, Televisa paid him for the exclusivity. However, he explained that the figure was not even the fifth papart of what her husband perceived in the production company. Moreover, the actress came to point out that This situation caused him much indignation.

How much is the amount that Televisa wants to pay to broadcast “El Chavo del 8”

as revealed Florinda MezaIf Televisa pays up to one year of rights to a soccer team 50 million Mexican pesosHow are you going to pay one tenth of that for 15 years of the rights of Chespirito”. In this way, he indicated that it seems illogical what they offer “when Forbes magazine published that since 1982 until 2017 Televisa had 3,700 million dollars”.

Florinda Meza added that sheI’m not fighting with my moneyif I am going to win all that yes the rights are renewed. Televisa never gave us attention, We were underestimated, it hurt so much let them beat him up.” But she also insisted on the fact that she is one of the most interested in which it is broadcast again since “I would earn a lot of money in the negotiation because I was a collaborator”.