#Video: Galilea Montijo announces divorce from Fernando Reina Iglesias after 11 years of marriage

The Mexican driver Galilea Montijo announced his divorcio with Fernando Reina Iglesias heplay of 11 years of marriage.

The member of the television program “Today the Televisa announced the news this Friday through a statement that you shared on your account from Instagram, moment in which explained the reasons for their separation.

Galilea Montijo said thatby the time that breaks the newsthey are all finished legal actions in order to terminate the marriage bond between them.

He also explained that the period of confinement due to COVID-19, Like many other couples it was detrimental to the marriage, causing there to be differences between the two, a fact that led to in the mutual decision to divorce.

Despite this, assured that the affection between both remains and unites them the love for his son.

We’ll go our separate ways as a couplebut we remain committed with raising our son together, trying above all their well-being,” he added.

Montijo concluded thatwhen non-public persons are involved, there will be no more statements about it, hence requested respect and privacy.

In the month of February, the driver Montijo’s partner, Andrea Legarretaannounced her separation with the singer and member from Timbiriche, Erik Rubín, after a marriage of 22 years.

through a video that they shared on Instagram, where they walk backwards and accompanied by an emotional messagethe couple announced their separation.

For a long timefor many years, the entertainment media rumored about the separation of the happy couple. In fact, they accused Erik Rubín of infidelity and after being a maintained.

But according to the message that they shared on Instagramthe decision was made five months ago. They even went on vacation with his daughters Mía and Nina through Asian lands.

“Today we have decided to share something very personal…A decision that has not been easy and that we made more than five months ago and we want to share it with those who they have accompanied us throughout our lives”.

In your message, explained that couples fall in love longing to pass the rest of their lives together, but in this case it was not possible: “Couples fall in love and we unite yearning for a ‘for life’”.

Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín coincided that despite their divorce, the most valuable thing they have they are his daughters, so they will continue to give them the same love, affection and respect. And it is that Erik and Andrea They have known each other since the 1970s. 90’s but it was in the year 2000 when they decided to get married after having a dating relationship.

We are very lucky and blessed to have met and make a beautiful life together and live wonderful moments. We have grown, learned a lot and overcome very hard moments And most valuable of allis that we form a beautiful family, much better than what we dreamed of with our daughters Mía and Nina who are our greatest treasures!”.