#Video: ‘Go to Mexico’, a Mexican runs to a tamalero from the US because the noise bothers her dogs

Mexican migrant was arrested 18 times for selling tamales in NYNow he has his own business “There are hot tamales!” Not everyone likes the pregoneo of the tamaleros. Surely you have heard dogs howling. This happens with Mexican Sandra’s pets in a Long Beach neighborhood, in Los Angeles. He does not want the tamalero near his house, so he haughtily confronted Antonio and chased him away, told him to go back to Mexico.

“It’s an honest job,” Antonio tells Sandra, who reproaches him: “If you don’t want to pay here, with this government, go to Mexico.”

According to this conational“in Mexico you do what you want”. insists that It’s not in Mexico, it’s in the United States. Behave”.

Antonio asks him to have more education. What Sandra reminds him that she has had an education. “I have had education with you, I have been very patient.”

However, he questioned if that education is to say “motherfucker”.

Then Sandra replies: “I’ll tell you when you come to sell tamaleswithout license and without permissiongo over there and whistle on that side so my dogs don’t do that, Because when they do, they annoy all the people.”

He seller reminds him that the street is free and the sun rises for everyone.

Sandra cuts him off and accepts that the sun rises for everyone, but “that is why interest is paid, taxes are paid, Employees are paid, I don’t know if you pay yours”. The woman mentions: “You don’t pay taxes from that money you get, you don’t pay what a businessman pays when he rents, when you pay bills, when you pay electricity”.

The video was uploaded to social networks. where the woman earned the rejection of the Hispanics. At night, several of these users met outside the home from Sandra to claim her position. They demanded that he apologize. Sandra told them that she was also Mexican.