#Video: Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Pinocchio’ wins Best Animated Feature Film at the Critics Choice Awards

The impact it has made is undeniable. The new movie from the mexican director William of the bull, Pinocchio. A version that faithful to the filmmaker’s stylehas reached the heart of each of his followers.

After taking away the Golden Globe for Best Animated Film in the most recent edition, William of the bull came as the broad favorite to take the same prizebut now at the 2023 Critics Choice Awards.

The version of the wooden boy by Guillermo of the bull competed in the category against productions as Red, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish and Wendell and Wild.

As it was expected, William of the bull took the prize for Best Animated Feature in the Critics Choice Awards to the applause of those present.

  • Upon receiving the award, the Mexican director confessed that his version of Pinocchio led him more than 15 years to be able to do it since animation studios they closed the doors.

«To animate is to give life to something that it does not have. It’s an old movie and eternal that we made new; we were rejected by all the studies and it took more than 15 years. We started in 2004 and here we are. Animation is a great way to achieve great objectives; It’s not just for kids. With patience we will make it understood,” said Guillermo del Toro.

With this award, William of the bull is shaping up to be big favorite to win the same category, but now in the Oscar awards to be held in the month of March.