#Video: Guillermo del Toro’s speech in Spanish upon winning the Golden Globe

the mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro was awarded this tuesday with him Golden Globe for Best Animated Film for his version of “Pinocchio”.

The Mexican, who was nominated for three categorieswon this award at the 80th ceremony of these awards with one of his most personal films.

The DGuillermo del Toro’s course (in Spanish) upon winning the Golden Globe for “Pinocchio”, 2023.

“Thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, I am grateful for this award, and I tell you, I’m more than happy to be here in person, Some of us are drunk, nothing can be better! It’s been a great year for movies. of all sizes, ambitious, large productionsintimate films and as such, it has been a great year for animation, because animation is cinema, It’s not a children’s genre, it’s a mediumand we want to dedicate the award, first of all, to our wives Jennifer and Kim who gave us life when we were inanimate objects and they already see us on the dance floor, we are still inanimate objects, but also to the team production and cast, animators, we made this film on more than 60 stages and in more than a thousand days of recording and we gave life, beauty and reality to a story of life, death and belonging. If you haven’t seen it, watch it, it’s a movie, not for children, but you can see it with the children, maybe you can explain to them later, thank you very much, I’ll see you later,” Del Toro said.

Del Toro returned to this ceremony after in 2018 it became in the third Latino director to win the award of best director with “The Shape of Water” in these awards organized by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and considered the prelude of the Oscars.

“Pinocchio” is one of the films more personal to the filmmaker and it took him half of his career. He aspired to win the prizes last night too for the best soundtrack and best original song, which ultimately failed.

Netflix movie, which is a co-production between United States, Mexico and France, was also directed by Mark Gustafson and it is based on the story by Carlo Collodi, but set in the context of the World War II (1939-1945).