#Video: I was 14 years old and he was 39; Sasha Sökol denounces the producer Luis de Llano

Sasha Sokol, singer and former member of the musical group Timbiricheused his social media accounts to break the silence and talk about the relationship he had with the producer Luis de Llano Macedo.

Sasha Marianne Sökol Cuillery wrote that when the relationship started she was 14 years old and he was 39. I was in Vaselina with Timbiriche and I was clearly a girl. We were together almost four years.

This March 8, International Women’s Daythe also actress decided to respond and talk about the statements that Louis of Llano made over the weekend in an interview by host Yordi Rosado on his YouTube channel.

Luis de Llano Macedo would declare that he was in love with Sasha Sökol, but lThe singer assures that it was a relationship where she was afraid to leave him for retaliation in his artistic career and for how young he was.

Sasha Sokol and Luis de Llano

“How would my life have been if Luis, instead of putting me in his bed, had done what he was supposed to do, which was to take care of me? I will never knowtweeted Sasha Sökol who in a thread on this social network says to assume the part that corresponds to him, but without keeping silent.

For a long time she expressed that talking about the subject made her feel ashamed and she did not like to mention it, but this Tuesday he decided to speak because: Luis from Ya No.

As long as women in my situation do not dare to speak the truth, there will still be men like Louis de Llano, assured Sasha Sokol.

The CDMX Prosecutor wants to address Sasha Sökol’s complaint to Luis de Llano

Sasha Sökol was contacted by the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office (CDMX) through Twitter after she denounced in said social network the relationship she had with Luis de Llano.