#Video: Karol G made everyone fall in love by moving his hips to the rhythm of “But You”

Carol G. She is undoubtedly one of the Colombian singers with the greatest projection worldwide.

The alleged current couple of Feid recently fell in love to all your instagram followers when shown dancing and moving their hips to the rhythm of “But You”.

Wearing jean pants and a white topthe Colombian singer showed that she has the dance steps sexiest in the music industry.

What is “But You” about?

The song “But you” is part of the last album of the Colombian singer “Tomorrow will be beautiful” which was released this year. The song was made in collaboration with the Spanish singer even many fans by Karol G. ensure that the song It is dedicated to Anuel AA. The lyrics of it say: “He called me at two that he had kept awake. From trying to forget me there was forgot. We ended up in the car doing it. And when we finish we draw heart’ in the trunk”.

What awards did Karol G recently win?

last May 17 a new edition was made of the Nuestra Tierra Awards, where Karol G and his current partner Feid, they were winners. Feid was the singer who received the most awards Nuestra Tierrafour in total, since it was crowned in the categories of ‘Artist of the Year’, ‘Best Album of the Year’ for his ‘Happy Birthday Ferxxo’, ‘Best Urban Artist’ and ‘Best Urban Collaboration’ for his meeting with Ryan Castro for ‘Monastery’.

While Carol G. received two awards: ‘Best Electronic Dance Song’ for his songCairo” with Ovy on the Drums, and ‘Artist image of our land in the world’.