#Video: Luis Miguel is seen in Paris with Paloma Cuevas and worries about his thinness

In a few months Luis Miguel will begin his long-awaited tourbut before this happens the singer is resting and taking time to be with his girlfriend Paloma Cuevas. recently the couple was seen in Paris, however, the fans of Sun They showed their concern for the appearance of the famous.

Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas they were a few days ago in Paris because they attended the wedding of the son of businesswoman Rosa Clará. This is the first time the couple has been captured at a public event, so everything indicates that your romance is better than ever.

They began to circulate on social networks The photos of Luis Miguel with his girlfriend at the wedding and although Internet users highlighted that the famous he is very much in love also showed their concern for his thinness.

The images of Luis Miguel went viral and they divided opinions because many assure thatthat the singer looks very good with his new physical appearance while others mention that it looks deteriorated.

“You look beautiful, a little critical but beautiful”, “I see him very skinny, but handsome and elegant as always”“How emaciated”, “How good Luis Miguel looks”, “He lost about 30 kilos”, “Is it love that is transforming him? He looks in a good mood.”

Since Luis Miguel started his relationship with Paloma Cuevas fans mention that love has changed him, since he looks happier and of course, his physical appearance he has transformed because he lost weight.

A few years ago the singer was harshly criticized because he looked a few extra kilos and even on his last tour he disappointed his fans because in some of the shows that gave did not sing and took the boos and whistles from the public.