#Video: Luis Miguel: the story behind the song that never dared to sing again

Luis Miguel will soon be back on stage. Although very little is known what will the tour details be likethe truth is that apparently everything running smoothly in the organization. His fans are looking forward to see him sing again and they are already speculating with the possible list of successes that will review.

However, there is a song that Luis Miguel will not include in his repertoire. For those who follow him from its beginnings the theme was one of its classics when it gave their first steps. But since a while has decided not to include it anymore among the songs he sings at least in front of your audience. HE It is one of the singles that have been classified as “forbidden” by “El Sol”.

Luis Miguel promised never to sing it again in his recitals and he has an understandable reason. It is that it is one of the themes that he dedicated to Marcela Basteri. It was written by Luis Perez Prado and had the adaptations of Armando Manzanero, like several of his themes of the time. It was when his mother disappeared that the singer began to sing it.

As detailed by Luis Miguel a while ago that was “the only song I dedicated to my mother. It was a woman who fulfilled very good always his role, she was extremely dedicated to which I have respect and great love. It’s a very special topic for me. When I heard this song I automatically thought of her”.

It’s about “I know you’ll come back”, a song that surely several followers of Luis Miguel remember from those years. another topic that “El Sol” has preferred do not interpret more It’s “Marcela”. The single also talked about their relationship with her mother and it was one of the most popular in the singer’s biopic for Netflix.