#Video: Maribel Guardia reveals what she found in her son Julián Figueroa’s room

Maribel Guardia broke the silence and spoke in person to the press about the death of his son Julian Figueroa.

Before the media and accompanied by Imelda Garza, widow of Julián Figueroa, Maribel Guardia mentioned that when he found his son, a drawing was stuck on the wall that Jose Julianhis grandson, had made him to Julian Figueroain which he had embodied two lionsthe biggest It was Julián and the youngest was the boy. Julián pasted this drawing on the wall one day before his death.

When I arrived and found him dead, the drawing with the little lions was taped to the wall there,” said Maribel Guardia.

The actress mentioned that for now Julián Figueroa’s ashes will remain in his home in Mexico Cityhey what decided to make the funeral private since it was a wish of his son not to make his death “a show”.

In her message, Maribel Guardia also thanked Marco Chacon, her husbandfor having been a father to Julián, because after their separation by Joan Sebastian and later his death, Julián Figueroa found a father figure in Marco.

“I thank my husband Marco for all the love he gave him, for all the education he gave him because he was always unconditional with him and, of course, he had a father who didn’t last long, Marco was a second father too And they had an amazing relationship.” said Maribel Guardia.