#Video: Marjorie de Sousa joins the trend of colorful sports tops for the gym

One of the most beloved actresses in Venezuela and in much of Latin America is marjorie desousawho has starred in hits such as “La desalmada”, “Until the end of the world”, “A little bit of you”, among others.

The former partner of Julian Gil She is also very active on social media. For example, on Instagram it already has more than 9.4 million followersand there he shares photos and videos of his day to day, from behind the scenes from their jobs and their gym routines.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Venezuelan actress marjorie desousa She is a woman who takes great care of her figure, and that is why who attends the gym daily. Recently the protagonist from “Wild Cat” surprised his followers by wearing a super sporty sports outfit, where the top was orange.

This is not the first time that marjorie desousa He shows off a photo or video of his sports outfits on his social networks, since for example on another occasion he wore one in blue tones.

Is Marjorie de Sousa in a relationship?

Marjorie was in a couple with the Argentine Julian Gil for several years, and after their separation, both faced each other in a highly publicized legal battle for possession of his son, Matías Gregorio.

However, since then The actress was not known to be a partner, but many media have been relating her to the businessman Vincent Uribe. But marjorie desousa has turned a deaf ear to rumors and decided not to give any explanation.

Who is Vicente Uribe?

The supposed new couple of marjorie desousa it’s a millionaire businessman that develops its business in the field of gastronomy; Furthermore, he is the leader of several foundations that have different social causes as their motto.