#Video: Mhoni Vidente reveals ritual to achieve a miracle this day of the Virgin of Fatima

The best known pythoness in social networks, Mhoni Seer They have become a trend this May 13, day of the Virgin of Fatima for his prediction detailing that a great miracle is coming for today.

It’s known that Mhoni Vidente is one of the great believers of the miracles of Virgin of Fatima, relates them to the beginning of his life when i was just a teenager and has highlighted that this marked her destiny to become esoteric.

For this day, Mhoni Seer has shared a ritual to take advantage of this date which is full of divine energy and is kabbalistic.

“Always, when humanity and the human being is more violent, what happened in Brownsville with the immigrants, what has happened in Florida, the wars; the Virgin of Fatima He always puts his hand on humanity.” Mhoni Vidente said on his social networks.

The esoteric added that the VOur Lady of Fatima could revealed in Mexico, Venezuela, Spain or the United States.

“The Virgin of Fátima is going to be presented, the Sun is going to take a very important turn around the world, the Virgin is going to be presented again, many people will be able to visualize her; she comes to tell us that peace will once again be in the world, ”she added.

Mhoni Seer revealed the ritual so that the Virgin of Fatima grant you a miracle. The astrologer said that you can perform this ritual to make a special request.

What materials do you need?

White candle or candle

Flowers (whatever you want)

What is the procedure?

Light the white candle in honor of the Virgin of Fatima, put your flowers in the center of your home, say a Hail Mary and requests the request for the required miracle.

With this simple ritual and if you do it with devotion, heaven will grant you a miracle, since this is a date where there are more possibilities to achieve a direct connection with the dedication of Mary in her representation of the Virgin of Fatima.

How will the Virgin of Fatima manifest in Mexico?

Mhoni Seer pointed out that the Virgin of Fatima could manifest in Mexico with a slight earthquake asked people not to be scared… “remember that the virgin appeared, the first time, in the first world wardial. This signal is going to be mystical, an earthquake is coming that same day or the next day, here in Mexico City nothing serious, just pure scare “he concluded.

Who is the Virgin of Fatima?

The Virgin of Fatima is a Marian dedication of the Catholic Church that originated in Portugal in the year 1917. According to Catholic tradition, The Virgin Mary appeared to three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal, for six consecutive months from May to October 1917.

During the apparitions, the Virgin Mary spoke to them about the importance of prayer and penance, and revealed to them three secrets that are known as the “Secrets of Fatima”. The third secret, in particular, caused great controversy in the Catholic Church due to its content apocalyptic and its interpretation.

The Virgin of Fatima is venerated by many Catholics as a symbol of devotion and faith, and the sanctuary of Fatima it is a popular pilgrimage site for the faithful around the world. Furthermore, the message of Fatima has been the subject of numerous theological, historical and scientific studies throughout the years.