#Video: Mía Rubín, the daughter of Andrea Legarreta and Erik already has a boyfriend

Mia Rubinthe daughter of Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubinhas found love in the figure of a famous bullfighter, tarik othon. Through their social networks, the young woman shared the romantic moment in which she agreed to be the bride of Othon, thus showing his deep love.

At her tender 18 years, Mia revealed that I had not had much luck in love so far. His previous attempts to build relationships had been unsuccessful, but it looks like Cupid has finally smiled at her door. The lucky man who has conquered her heart decided to declare himself in an extremely romantic way, Like something out of a Hollywood movie.

The singer and actress shared through their stories on Instagram a video that captured the magical moment. In it you can see a decorated terrace with huge illuminated letters that form the phrase “Will you be my girlfriend?”, surrounded by candles Meanwhile, Mia and her boyfriend appear in the middle of this scene full of love.

When Mia uttered the word “yes”a shower of fireworks lit up the sky and the music of a mariachi enlivened the night. The couple was surrounded only by their closest friends, who did not take long to congratulate them with applause and shouts of “Long live the bride and groom!”.

Who is the boyfriend?

However,who is the lucky son-in-law of Andrea and Erik? Is about tarik othona young bullfighter of such only 20 years old, originally from Querétaro. Othon is considered one of the promises of bullfighting in Mexico and has been passionate about brava party from an early age. He debuted as a professional bullfighter at age 15 and on their official social media accounts usually shares the achievements he achieves in each of the bullfights in which he participates.

Despite Mia and Tarik have not revealed many details about their relationship, some loving messages can be found in the posts that they share, what makes clear they are happy and deeply in love.

The thrill of discovering your first love as a teenager is something very special, and Mia Rubin is living that moment intensely next to her boyfriend, bullfighter tarik othon. With a romantic statement that made social networks vibrate, the couple has conquered the hearts of many followers I wish you the best in this new phase of your life.