#Video: Pablo Lyle could be deported to Mexico and be released completely

The case of Pablo Lyle has taken a completely unexpected turn, well the actor could be released when deported to Mexico by the authorities.

A new hearing was held yesterday in the case of P.ablo lyle, where his lawyers continue to fight for an appeal against the sentence received by the Mexican actor.

we go over the facts of the case of Pablo Lyle in the Spectacular Trial.

However, the surprise came moments laterwhen it was revealed that Pablo Lyle could be completely free, because it was already required by the immigration authorities.

Our legal expert In the United States, Sandra Hoyos spoke of all the possibilities that Pablo Lyle has to be released.

When could Pablo Lyle be released?

Federal authorities in the United States have requested to Pablo Lyle, So the permission to be in that country the actor has already won, so migration I could deport you to Mexico.

It will remain in the hands of the Federal authorities of the United States, we know that on April 14, 2023the state court issued an injunction asking for full and complete cooperation with federal authorities.

What do you mean, that the Attorney General’s Office, the Department of Corrections, everyone in charge of the case of Pablo Lyle, at the state level, they have a power of attorney meet all federal requirements By the time he’s already in federal custody, there will be a process where he will have a trial and then they will make the decision to deport him or not. In my legal opinion, it is quite possible that they deport him

What will happen with the appeal of Pablo Lyle?

Even if Pablo Lyle is deported to Mexico, his appeal process will continue in the courts of the United States, because you have the right to follow your process, without being inside the country.

The appeal can continue even though he will be deported, let’s remember that in United States the person, whether it is a defendant, whether it is a civil case; You maintain your rights to follow the process, he has lawyers representing himit can appear through powers, that appeal will continue, even though he is not in the country

When could Pablo Lyle be deported?

The process of the deportation of Pablo Lyle has begun, so it’s all a matter of luck because it can have a very fast resolution or take years.