Video: Rafael Carioca’s cunning attack on Colombatto that was not sanctioned

Lion received Tigers for the semifinal back in the Grita Mexico Apertura Tournament 2021. The intensity at the Esmeralda Stadium was palpable with a full house and an audience devoted to their team. There were barely two minutes of play when the controversy reached the field of play. Rafael Carioca, Tigres midfielder, was fouled by Santiago Colombatto. As the locals fell to the ground, he raised his foot and landed a kick to the face of the Argentine player..

Carioca literally put his studs on Colombatto’s face. This unleashed the ire of the emerald players, who were crying out for the expulsion of the Tigres player. The foul led to the classic face between players. Some players in green arrived, others in yellow arrived, they exchanged insults and the referee only tried to separate them.

The whistling Ramos Palazuelos did not draw any cards for this action. While everyone on social networks assumed that Carioca would be expelled and would leave Tigres with ten players just started the game, for the referee the play did not even merit the yellow card.

Tigres beat León 2-1 in the first leg semifinal of the Apertura 2021 tournament. (Photo: <a class=twitter / @clubleonfc)” height=”2157″ src=”” width=”3241″ />
Tigres beat León 2-1 in the first leg semifinal of the Apertura 2021 tournament. (Photo: twitter / @clubleonfc)

After this play, the refereeing caused controversy for the rest of the first half. Immediately, the journalist David faitelson placed in your account Twitter The next message: “Carioca must be expelled from the game … Will the referee dare? “. As already said, there was no card for either of the two involved in the spectacular play.

At the same time, Fernando Schwartz shared his analysis on the same platform: “Carioca should have been reprimanded. Yellow mosquera already. Ramos must control now”. Equally, Adal Franco from ESPN He said the following through social networks: “Carioca has to go !! Such an action is cowardly and bad milk! Add to it that I was not going for a minute! and the VAR ?! “.

The comments of the other users coincided with those of the journalists. It seemed a unanimous decision, in which everyone assured that the Brazilian did not deserve to continue on the field. Minutes later, it could be seen in a repetition that there was no direct contact with Colombatto’s face, however, the intention of the blow did unleash controversy among the fans of the match.

The León Stadium had 100% capacity for the return final against Tigres. (Photo: twitter / @ clubleonfc)

Minutes later, León’s team managed to go ahead on the scoreboard. After a play on offense, Angel Mena he found himself alone on the right side of the area, outlined himself and shot across the ball with power. Before the impact, Nahuel Guzman He could do nothing. The goal was what the emeralds needed to advance to the next round.

Later, Tigres tied as fast as they could. At minute 16, with a set piece, Diego Reyes he found himself alone in the center of the rival area, waited for a high center to be at the level of his right leg and sent the ball into the nets. With that goal, those led by Miguel Herrera they had the ticket to the final again, as it left them 3-2 on aggregate.

The first half ended, Palazuelos did not add any minute and this earned him to receive the disagreements of the players. The controversy reappeared when André-Pierre Gignac He claimed the silvante facing him and he did not receive any warning for it. However, Santiago Colombatto also claimed him from a distance and he did receive the yellow card.

The second half continued with the same intensity as the first, with both clubs trying to find one more touchdown to meet their respective goals.


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