Video: rage in China over 11-month-old snowboarding baby

He still does not know how to walk but he is already descending (gently) the slopes. At just 11 months old, a baby, with her snowboard, causes a sensation in China, in the place that will host the Beijing Winter Olympics.

A little over two months before the start of the Games (from February 4 to 20, 2022), Wang Yuji, wrapped in several layers of clothing, she prepares to launch herself down a slope, under the tender gaze of her parents.

Unlike many beginners who struggle to maintain balance, the girl shows disconcerting confidence for her age.

Wang Yuji sliding down a slope with his snowboard at a ski resort in Zhangjiakou, north China‘s Hebei province (Photo: AFP)

We put some boots on him and we realized that he was standing”Explains his mother, Fan Xueyin. “So we took her to a small hill and watched her slide with the board“, Add.

Yuji discovered snow in early November, during a family vacation. Since then, every morning he joins other older fans on the slopes of Thaiwoo Ski Resort in Chongli Zhangjiaku, one of the host cities for the next Olympic Games.

Located at about 150 kilometers northwest of Beijing, the site will host cross-country skiing, biathlon, ski jumping, freestyle skiing and snow surfing events.

baby snowboarding in china
Wang Yuji doesn’t even know how to walk, but he’s already snowboarding and sweeping the slopes, and on the Internet (Photo: AFP)

Yuji is still too young to control her speed and direction, so her parents follow closely behind her. “You’re doing fine!” They exclaim, as they run to his side.

With the Olympics in the spotlight, China strongly promoted winter sports. Ski resorts multiplied and millions of Chinese, eager for leisure, they began to wear skis and surfboards on snow.

Yuji’s father, Wang Shu, is one of those converts to the latter. Encouraged by his daughter’s talents, he says he wants to be an instructor to help her progress when she grows up.

Super talented

When Yuji doesn’t slide on his board, he walks on all fours in the fresh snow and tries to take his first steps.

baby snowboarding in china
Little Wang Yuji smiling on a swing at a Zhangjiakou ski resort (Photo: AFP)

Your videos were viewed tens of millions of times on Chinese social media, and the little prodigy inherited the nickname Beibei (“Baby”), given by her army of online fans.

At Thaiwoo she is recognized by some passersby, many of whom stop to take a picture with her. “Several people tell us: ‘She is super talented, she should participate in the Olympics one day‘”Fan says with a smile.

Of course, it would be great for her to get a medal for her country. But he is still too young ”, he emphasizes. “When he grows up, he will do what he wants and we will respect his decision.”

(By Helen Roxburgh and Lillian Ding – AFP)

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