#Video: Rosalía will give a concert today at the Zócalo CDMX; fans spent all night on the street

People began to number on the arm, they showed the number that touched them for when accesses are opened and they can pass to Constitution Square where the stage was set for the Motomami.

For days, the government of Mexico City announced the event rosaliawhich attracted thousands of followers of the also composer born in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, in the city from Barcelona, although the concert It’s at 8 p.m. since yesterday afternoon groups of people began to arrive.

A young woman from Tampico, Tamaulipas pointed out that he was already “in survival mode to spend more than 24 hours” on the street.

Until yesterday, some terraces of the Historic Center they still had few spaces, prices start at 3,000 pesos on the balcony, this includes a four-course dinner with four drinks. One of the restaurant owners said that as soon as the concert was announced the phones did not stop ringing to make reservations.

It is known that the accesses to the Zócalo plate will be by:

  • November 20th Street
  • Pino Suarez

the concert of the Rosalia, famous for its fusion traditional flamenco music with modern and urban sounds, It will be broadcast on 18 screens located on November 20, Pino Suárez, May 5 and Avenida Juárez.

What time will the Metro close?

The Metro schedule will be extended until 1 am on Saturday, April 29.

tonight’s presentation it will be the biggest the 29-year-old singer has had.

How much will you charge?

The OCESA company reported that the singer of “Malamente” and “I think of Tu Mira”, is offering this concert without any economic benefit. The company will take over of the technical operation of the concert and so far it is not known How much will it cost CDMX?

So rosalia will not charge but the concert yes it will have a cost for him ‘very high level of production as they have called it. The Ministry of Culture of the CDMX informed to a news outlet that the number of how much Rosalía’s concert cost will be given until after the concert.