#Video: Shakira sings for the first time live and in front of her children “BZRP Music Sessions #53”, a song dedicated to Piqué

Shakira sang for the first time in viI and in front of your children Milan and Sasha «BZRP Music Sessions #53“, next to Argentinian producer Bizarrapsubject in which he refers to the infidelity that he lived with Gerard Piqué, the long-awaited presentation was given in the program of Jimmy Fallon.

The Colombian interpreted the successful song amidst the roar of the public and with their children in the front row, the children are fans of Bizarrap, and the singer has revealed that they have given ideas for your latest videos, iThey even encouraged her to collaborate with the Argentine.

Shakira will leave Barcelona In the next weeks, at the beginning of AprilAfter a tense negotiation with his ex-partner to be able to take his children; the interpreter’s father will also travel to Miami, and Shakira prepares everything so that her father, who has been in poor health, I can travel in good condition and with all the necessary comforts.

Shakira’s hit song

Shakira, who was with Piqué more than a decade and has two children with him, use puns to throw darts at the former player of FC Barcelona and his new partneras “I was too big for you, that’s why you’re with someone just like you» or «I understood that it is not my fault that they criticize you, I only make music, sorry if I splashed you».